FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How easy is it to use?

Innovakids is a simple to use but full of features. As an administrator you can set security to only allow users to use the features and modules you choose. This allows you to setup a system that introduces modules slowly to your teachers and students. As they becomes more comfortable with the system you can include more features.

Can I use Innovakids for My children or students I tutor?

Yes! A class can be 1 student with the teacher being a parent or tutor. You can easily use the system to evaluate you student and Innovakids will prescrible a set of lessons and goals. Innovakids will automatically assign these lessons and communicate to you the students progress.

How does the system work?

Innovakids is designed to change they way we teach and learn. The system requires the teacher and administrators to change their paradigm of education. Teachers are coordinators of Education for their students. Orchestrating the learning process by managing the system. The administration of Innovakids is primarily in the setup area. Once the students have been imported or added, classes are created and scheduled, and lessons have been scheduled, you allow Innvakids to take over, monitoring student progress, helping individual students when needed and reviewing the analysis. The idea is that you eithor assign or create and assign the lessons that the students need to master then allow the students to proceed at their own pace. Your job then takes on the role of evaluating and monitoring the progress of each student. If a student falls behind then you are notified that intervention is need and Innovakids will suggest various remedies. Innovakids will also automatially assign prerequisite lessons to the student once a gap in basic understanding or fundamental knowledge is triggered.

How does the reward system work?

Reward systems are based on points that are assigned to students as they achieve levels of mastery. Students can build up rewards that can be redeemed by the teacher for specific class rewards or points can be redeemed for online rewards that are placed in the student profile. Also automatic certificates are created as the student levels of subject mastery.

Pre-signup Questions

Can I keep student names and information private?

You can choose to allow students to enter their real names or use identification numbers assigned by the system. The auto assigned number system is then the only identifier used for the student so no name is ever used. You can also use school student idenfication numbers that you assign.

How long does it take to get an account acitve?

Schools and teachers using the Innovakids hosting plan will be active immediately after they signup. Schools or Districts requiring a private local database will need an Innovakids technican to setup the account on your school or district server.

Why should I share my lessons?

The main goal of the Innovakids project is to gather lessons from all over the world, connect these lessons to command standards and make these resource available to teachers and schools all over the world. It critical that each teacher consider sharing their lesson for us to achieve this goal. The idea is to create an Open Lesson World, allowing students from all over the world the opportunity to gain the experience of great lessons no matter where they live. We at Innovakids allow teachers and students to evaluate each lesson allowing teachers to not only find lessons that fit their grade level but filter these lessons by evaluation score, topic, standard, grade level or teaching methodology.

Can I get support?

Support is available by Phone, email or online chat. You get 30 days of voice support (Up to 2 hours) after you sign up and get voice support for $12.95 per 30 min increment after the initial 30 days. Email support is always free with a 24 hour turn around on average. Online chat is availabe between the hours of 9 to 5 PST.

Can we arrange local onsite Training?

Onsite training is available with 1 day free for a school signup. (Travel and expenses must be paid by the school for 1 trainer) Additional Days of Training are $300.00 per day plus expenses. Remove training using teamviewer and phone is available for $12.95 per half hour.

Are you truly being innovative or just implementing technology to say you did it?

Too many school and district administrators are feeling the pressure to implement something related to technology in their schools. But the old argument of “something is better than nothing” does not work in this situation. If you are feeling this way, take a step back from the decision and work through the remaining four questions.

How does the innovation you want to implement improve student learning?

This should be the priority every time we consider implementing anything in a school. The innovation, in this case technology, must improve student learning. We are educators because we believe in students and want them to maximize their learning potential in the short time we work with them. So if we are going to implement technology then it must be able to improve student learning. How you define improved student learning will be dependent on the age and grade level of student you work with, type of school you lead, etc.

How does the innovation improve instruction?

Hand in hand with question two is this one. Innovative technology must improve instruction. It can not be a burden on teachers or an after-thought by them. Innovative technology must become part of the fabric of instruction so that the teachers become more efficient and effective at how they motivate, engage and instruct students. If it’s not going to improve instruction and they do not know how to seamlessly infuse it into their lessons, you will not get the support of the teachers and they won’t use the technology.

What type of professional development is required?

Here is the fork in the road with technology innovation and implementation. You can have answers to the first three questions and feel like you are on the right track, but the innovation will become useless if you do not provide the training for teachers and students, and information sessions for parents. We cannot assume stakeholders will understand the reasons for the innovation, how it can be used, and most importantly, how to use it properly. We need training and information sessions early and often before, during, and after implementation.

What is a realistic timeline for innovation?

Technology is changing by the minute and the pressure to be innovative accelerates the timeline for implementation. Be realistic, talk to other schools and districts about their process of implementing similar innovations, and learn from their successes and challenges. Then establish a timeline with clear objectives that can be met, a comprehensive professional development program, trainings for students, and information sessions for parents. Poor planning and rushed timelines are recipes for implementation disaster.